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Engine temps

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:00 am    Post subject: Engine temps Reply with quote

You argue for engine mixture adjustment by feel. Sorry, engine feel will
not get you close to where you want to be on an engine with well
balanced injection. Yes, it works for carbureted engines and injected
engines with poor mixture distribution, which just tells you you are in
the ball park in a very crude way. You do not know whether you are in a
danger zone or not.
The engine will be smooth until just before it quits. On the rich side,
50 ROP feels exactly like it does at 200 or 300 ROP.
One does NOT need heads down. With fuel flow you can simply pull the
mixture to a flow known to be lean of peak for a given power, and then
fine tune a twist or two at a time. A glance at EGT once in a while is
all that is needed.
Once level in cruise it might take a couple minutes to get mixture
exactly where you want it, after that a glance once in awhile will tell
you it is holding where desired.
Yes, I would advise a safety pilot for the first few flights of finding
the boundaries of mixture you want to use, but that is to simply learn
what your engine wants and what numbers will get you there in the future.

On 11/6/2017 5:22 AM, FLYaDIVE wrote:

What contradictions?  I was not contradicting anything till now.
Did you read!  The second sentence reads: "Now, to keep things
simple,...".  What is your point?  We all know that there is a
variance in temperature reading due to probe, probe placement and
between gauge manufactures.  We are NOT talking about differences
between planes and equipment.

You MUST be a Gauge Watcher with your head down all the time.  Very few
training aircraft have EGT/CHT or Fuel Flow.  Leaning was taught by
FEEL!  THEN!  If you have a engine monitoring system you cross check
against that.  NOT the other way around.

And - How do you know - "but once you know how your engine feels" if you
don't feel things like vibration?  Engines were flown decades before
engine monitoring equipment was installed.  As I said: I feel the
vibration in my feet first. I feel  it there before it gets to the stick
or the gauges.  AND, since many planes are going the way of glass
panels, you are loosing the instrument vibration as a monitoring point,
also many panels are vibration dampened so it takes more vibration
before it shows up.


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Kelly McMullen
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